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Fresh Home Delivered Meals in Melbourne & Sydney

You live a busy life, so it can be hard to find the time it takes to look after yourself properly, and that includes preparing healthy home cooked meals. Everybody knows eating out at restaurants every day isn't good for either your health or your budget, and as for those frozen microwave meal monstrosities... isn't Hell supposed to wait until after you're already dead?

Unfortunately most people these days feel like they just don't have time for those simple "luxuries" we once all used to take for granted. It's amazing how much the world has changed in such a short time. There is a choice though. You no longer need neglect your health just because you're busy. This exciting new development will make it possible for you to make healthy home cooked meals without all the time-consuming effort that home cooking normally involves.

Home Delivered Meals by Pepper Leaf

Meal delivery is nothing new, but it usually involves buying restaurant meals at restaurant prices, and many restaurants use unhealthy food preparation methods so they can make large numbers of meals as efficiently as possible. Pepper Leaf is offering something different. You can now get home delivered meals in Melbourne, Sydney, or Adelaide, where everything is done for you except the final preparation. You will get all the meal ingredients delivered in a box, ready to use, along with easy step by step instructions that show you how to assemble everything perfectly like a master chef, even if you're normally the kind of cook who could burn water.

If you're thinking you wouldn't have time to prepare meals like this, think again. Each meal takes 25 minutes or less to prepare, and making it yourself is thoroughly satisfying. Compare the time it takes to make your own healthy meal at home with Pepper Leaf meal boxes, and you'll find it's likely to be less time than you'd normally spend waiting for a restaurant delivery, without the uncertainty and expense.

Fresh Ingredients Delivered to Your Door

No matter how busy your life is, taking care of yourself is important. Living on takeaways, restaurant meals, and frozen dinners eventually has to catch up with you in one way or another. The fantastic home delivered meals in Sydney, Melbourne, or Adelaide that you can buy from Pepper Leaf, you'll always be getting the finest quality fresh foods delivered straight from the farm direct to your door based on your meal delivery plans, ready to cook.

Weekly Deliveries of Farm Fresh Foods

Each week you'll get a new delivery of fabulous ready to cook meals for the number of persons you nominate (from one to six) and the number of nights you need meals for (between two and five). We're fully online so you can order your food delivery online & You can also cancel, suspend, or modify your subscription at any time, so there's no problem if your plans change. Simply contact us prior to delivery day and we'll take care of it.

You'll be Saving Money Too

Compared to what you're paying for your meals now, it's almost certain you'll save considerably on the cost. That's because our healthy boxes come straight to your door, direct from the farm, with no middle man in between looking to make a profit.

It's not only the direct cost savings either. Remember, time is money, so by the time you save not having to go shopping, not having to spend time washing, peeling, chopping, and so on, you are indirectly saving money too. That's valuable time you can be using in more productive ways, even if "more productive" just means relaxing, so you'll have more energy later.

Easy Fresh Meals Delivered

Every year, literally tons of food gets wasted around Australia. Your household doesn't have to be a contributor to this waste, because when you have your fresh meals delivered in Sydney, Melbourne, or Adelaide by Pepper Leaf, you get exactly the amount of food that you need for making each meal.

Everything gets used, so there's nothing wasted. And it's not only the food either. All the materials used in our packaging are 100 percent recyclable, so you're not contributing to environmental problems either when you use our food delivery services. Just when it all seemed so good it couldn't get any better, it does get better. Having everything delivered in a ready to cook state means there's hardly any work to do before the meal, and cleaning up is a snap.

Affordable Meal Delivery

Ideally suited to the modern lifestyle, Pepper Leaf home delivered food boxes are the easiest, most affordable, and most convenient way to take care of yourself when you feel like you don't have time to take care of yourself.

You'll be getting farm fresh products every week at below supermarket prices, with easy step by step recipes that tell you exactly how to turn these ingredients into exotic meals in 25 minutes or less. These meals are so good, most of our customers prefer them to restaurant meals, and the meals we provide are definitely the most nutritious choice.

Why Freshness Matters

Did you know most of the "fresh produce" you see in supermarkets and even some dedicated fruit and vegetable markets isn't really fresh? A lot of it goes through a lengthy cold storage process that staves off spoilage for as long as possible, and many products are also treated with radiation and chemicals for all kinds of reasons. For example, most bananas sold in Australia are artificially ripened with chemicals in order to give them more market appeal. That deceptive yellow colour masks the fact that the banana is not really ready to eat.

Meat sold in supermarkets may also be subjected to tricky practices, such as injecting it with water or other additives, using food colouring techniques to make it look more appealing, and of course everyone is familiar with the old "Hide the Dodgy Looking Meat Under the Better Looking Meat" trick.

When you buy from Pepper Leaf, you're getting farm fresh products every time. No cold storage. No chemical treatments to alter the appearance or "ripen" the products artificially. No potentially harmful radiation treatments. And definitely no gimmicks.

Buying from Pepper Leaf means what you see is what you get, and what you're going to see is delicious farm fresh foods that are packed with nutritional goodness and wonderful taste. Order your first meal box delivery from Pepper Leaf today and see what a difference it will make in your life. Once you've tried it, you'll never go back to boring takeaways or dreadful frozen dinners again.

Because dinner should be easy